Warner Bros Challenge

Anyway, I recently read an interview with a former Warner Bros executive who stated that all CDs should be just £1.00. This, he said, would kill piracy outright – bands would sell more CDs and all would be well with the world. It’s true, like other bands/artists, our CD sales have taken a nose dive but I think £1.00 is a little too little. The argument ran that you might only sell 10 CDs at £15.00 but you might sell 1000 at £1.00. Maybe that’s true, but it’s a brave band that tries it! Or, to put it another way, it’s less about the money you may make and more about the fans you can reach.

Anyway, as an experiment, and seeing as it is Christmas, I have decided to put all our CDs on sale for just £3.99 each. That’s well below 50% of normal price. I am hoping that it will make people think twice about downloading illegally and, who knows, it may even set off a trend!

Anyway, what do you think? Would CDs at £1.00 kill piracy?

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