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PFM: Cook

  • Artist / Title: PFM: Cook
  • Month Reviewed: December 2010
  • Format: 3CD Box Set
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When people talk of great live albums from the seventies, you never hear this one mentioned. Perhaps if it had been released in the form of the version I now have in my hands, things may have been different. Without doubt this is one of the finest, most awesome live albums you will ever hear. The original album is on disc 1 but the other two discs contain the rest of the concert + other live stuff from the same tour. Only a couple of tracks are duplicated.

The whole thing is presented in a handsome box with a great booklet and two postcards. Oh, happy days. And, of course, the sound quality is excellent – head and shoulders above the quality of my Italian version known as Live in the USA.

The guitar solo in Alta Loma Five ’till Nine has always been up there with one of my favourites, but the sheer brilliance of everyone’s performance on the 17 minute  version of Is My Face On Straight serves only to highlight why this band were – and still are – the best band to ever come out of Italy.

I am a total fanboy of this band, even the ‘pop’ albums get hammered to death, so I am well biased, but don’t care. If you love prog rock from the seventies and want to hear a bunch of chaps at the height of their powers then this album will shiver your timbers. A must buy, without a doubt.

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