Magenta: Live at Real World

  • Artist / Title: Magenta: Live at Real World
  • Month Reviewed: November 2010
  • Format: 2CD + DVD
  • Buy:

This is a live recording of this great Welsh band, recorded at Peter Gabriel‘s Real World Studios in Bath in front of around 60 specially invited audience members. Given the size of the crowd and the tiny venue, it’s fair to say the DVD portion of the package is not the last word in live excitement, but is pretty watchable nonetheless.

It’s the CDs, though, that really show off the versatility and skill of this band. Featuring all their best songs plus a track from Christina’s solo album, this release is entirely acoustic with strings and what-not. Rob Reed presides over the whole affair on a nice sounding grand piano with Christina and Chris Fry giving powerful performances on vocals and acoustic guitar respectively.

The new acoustic/string-based arrangements of the songs are tastefully done and on the whole the album doesn’t disappoint. I can imagine a lot of ‘non-prog’ fans digging this!

Anyway, another winner from Magenta.

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