Spock’s Beard: Snow

  • Artist / Title: Spock’s Beard: Snow
  • Month Reviewed: September 2002
  • Format: CD
  • Buy:

Finally received my copy of this album: look out for the limited edition 3CD package that comes in a nice box, with some stickers and the story! Very nice package indeed. And what of the music? Well, the first 2 CDs are the actual album and CD3 is a mixture of covers and demos. Anyway, the album itself is utterly fantastic!

Didn’t like it all for the first few hearings, didn’t really seem to gel. Spin it a few more times and you will be hooked. Great melodies, fantastic ensemble playing and some superb vocals from Neil and Nick combine to give you the best Spock’s Beard album so far.

Expectations were high for this album and they haven’t disappointed. The story itself is very good, though a little familiar (but what isn’t, these days?) and is presented with undoubted passion. Check out the venom in Neil’s voice on ‘Freak Boy’! All in all, a definite must buy for Beard fans and a definite ‘must check this out’ for all others. Not much prog on the album (whatever that is!), just great rock music.

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