Spock’s Beard: Octane

  • Artist / Title: Spock’s Beard: Octane
  • Month Reviewed: February 2005
  • Format: CD
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I have to say this is extremely impressive, though bound to disappoint fans of the bands previous prog output. This is a ROCK record, sometimes a very heavy rock record. However, the first 7 songs (A Flash Before My Eyes) are part of a suite (30 mins+), with each part being a distinct entity with very little in the way of repeated thematic development ala Snow.

Nick’s vocals/drums are fabulous and Alan’s guitar work is mightily impressive, as are the contributions from the rest of the band. Standout tracks are Ballet of the Impact (emotion drips from this song!), The Beauty of it All and She is Everything (gorgeous ballad with an exceptional guitar solo).

The remaining tracks, apart from a groovy instrumental, are simply ace rock songs. If you like Deep Purple style hammond thrashing with liberal sprinklings of mellotron, you will certainly like this stuff. It is 100% better than Euphoria and is my particular favourite Beard album right now.

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