Spock’s Beard: Feel Euphoria

  • Artist / Title: Spock’s Beard: Feel Euphoria
  • Month Reviewed: October 2003
  • Format: CD
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As many of you reading this will know, SB parted company, or the other way round, with main songwriter and vocalist Neal Morse. Enter stage left the drummer! And what a great job he makes of it, too! He doesn’t possess the sheer passion and snarl of Morse, but his voice is truly excellent in its own right.

As for the songs? Well, it takes a few spins to appreciate them, but when you give it the chance, it is without doubt as good as ‘Snow‘. The track ‘Ghosts of Autumn‘ is the best SB number by far! In a word, or even two, buy it! And give it a chance to sink in before condeming it!

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