Radiohead: Hail to the Thief

  • Artist / Title: Radiohead: Hail to the Thief
  • Month Reviewed: July 2003
  • Format: CD
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Well, a new Radiohead album is upon us. Would it be all barking mad electronica or a return to guitar based rock? The answer is a little of both. In some respects this album is better than the benchmark they set with OK Computer. It has a fair amount of electronic stuff, and tons of guitar and piano! There are tracks that could easily be Pink Floyd. Seriously.

Anyway, is it any good? The answer is a resounding yes. It is an absolute triumph. Quite a long album by their standards, every track is excellent, but the real standout is the final one ‘Wolf at the Door’. You won’t hear anything better all year. Seriously, it’s that good. Thom’s voice is, as always, magnificent, and the rest of the bad have really developed into fine musicians. Of particular praise is the drummer – he is rather good!

Early copies of the album come in a fabulous fold out map sleeve – truly great packaging and worth seeking out before they are all gone. If anyone caught their act at Glastonbury 2003, you can’t have failed to notice that they stood head and shoulders above everyone else – they were excellent and even looked like they were having a good time!

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