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Pendragon: Believe

  • Artist / Title: Pendragon: Believe
  • Month Reviewed: September 2005
  • Format: CD
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This is an interesting album, as it sounds exactly like you would expect a Pendragon album to sound like, yet it also sounds nothing like a Pendragon album! Altogether, this is a good thing, as the band have crafted a superb concept album dealing with aspects of belief. Unless I am completely wrong, of course! Regardless, there are strange vocal samples, more rock than prog-rock beats and some outstanding guitar playing. Why Mr Nick Barrett is not a household name is a bit of a mystery. His solos are fluid, melodic and beautifully emotional.

Keyboards have taken on a more supportive role than of previous albums. I don’t think there is one keyboard solo on the entire album! Standout tracks (no song exceeds more than 8 minutes) are The Wisdom of Solomon and The Edge of the World. Having said that, all of the Believe cycle is great!

To sum up, give this disc a good few spins and maybe you will find yourself of the opinion that it is their best one yet, certainly on a par with Not of This World.



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