Magenta: Home

  • Artist / Title: Magenta: Home
  • Month Reviewed: November 2006
  • Format: CD
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I have enjoyed previous Magenta albums very much, but this one really hits the nail on the head: great playing throughout (some superb guitar solos!) and fabulous vocals from Christina make this a must buy for any rock fan, not just lovers of prog-rock. The production is excellent, too.

This is a concept album (there is a limited edition with some more great songs on it) about a young lady seeking a new life. The songs are very melodic with standout cuts being Hurt, Moving On and Demons (my favourite!). There is little of the over indulgence one would associate with this kind of music. Instead, the song and the performance of them is key: it is indeed a refreshing change.

Much has been said of Magenta sounding too close to Yes and Genesis for comfort. However, while this has been no bad thing on past Magenta albums, this new CD sees them sounding like their own band. A Magenta sound, if you will. There is, like a lot of stuff involving Rob Reed (check out Cyan‘s The Creeping Vine) a strong Mike Oldfield sound to some of it, which I love!

All in all, this is a classic album and cannot be recommended highly enough. If you want fabulous and memorable songs, great playing and production and an album to be long cherished on the hi-fi, then buy this!

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