Kalevala: a Finnish Progressive Rock Epic

  • Artist / Title: Kalevala: a Finnish Progressive Rock Epic
  • Month Reviewed: September 2003
  • Format: CD
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  • Famous among Progressive rock fans worldwide for being probably the classiest (and most complete) publication in this style, the Finnish magazine Colossus had the great idea to ask thirty (Yes, thirty !) bands of the whole world to illustrate the national Finnish epic: Kalevala. It is made of old ballads and traditional songs, but is also part of a huge group of legends, which has inspired both J.R.R. TOLKIEN for his mythic Lord Of The Rings and composer SIBELIUS, among others. The idea that contributed to the creation of Kalevala – A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic (2003) was to use exclusively instruments of the Seventies, in order to obtain the Aging that the story needed. The result is absolutely stunning: three albums included in a box-set designed as beautifully as the famous Colossus covers.

    As for the music, the listener won’t be disappointed ! He’ll be delighted to hear about four hours of sumptuous and rich (Vocal or instrumental) Progressive rock. On it, all the styles (Neo Progressive, symphonic, neo-classical, heavy-metal, experimental…) are blended with a certain domination of a golden Seventies Progressive rock inspiration. No doubt, there was a healthy competition among the bands, some of them performing here at their best so far ! Let’s mention HAIKARA, OVERHEAD, SIMON SAYS, SINKADUS, MOONGARDEN, IL CASTELLO DI ATLANTE, MAGENTA, SUBMARINE SILENCE, METAPHOR, CLEARLIGHT, ORCHARD, GREENWALL, REVELATION, SCARLET THREAD, MAD CRAYON, MUSEO ROSENBACH, LEVIATHAN, MALIBRAN, Sofia BACCINI, ELEGANT SIMPLICITY, QADESH, CANTINA SOCIALE, GRAND STAND, GERMINALE, AADVARK, THONK, GROOVECTOR, WHOBODIED, Nicola RANDONE, TEMPORE and CAFEINE. If all of this hasn’t proven to you that this is the event of the year, then, your only solution will be to buy as soon as possible The Compilation Of Traditional Tibetan Dances!!!

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