Dream Theater: Train of Thought

  • Artist / Title: Dream Theater: Train of Thought
  • Month Reviewed: December 2003
  • Format: CD
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On first hearing, I was very, very disappointed with this album. Sure, it is very heavy, lyrically and musically, but there seemed to be a complete lack of melody. However, spin it a few times and it all suddenly falls into place. Kicking off with ‘As I am’, this is one brutal almost Metallica like sounding track. Once that song gets out of the way, keyboards begin to get heard in the mix. Phew!

All the tracks are long and littered with outstanding displays of musicianship. But it sure gets in your head. I was expecting something along the lines of disc two of the last album, and this seemed a step backwards. However, they pull it off with a great deal of panache.

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