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Deep Purple: Rapure of the Deep

  • Artist / Title: Deep Purple: Rapure of the Deep
  • Month Reviewed: December 2005
  • Format: CD
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I bought this album in its limited edition variant (tin plus extra track!) and I am so glad I did. This album is one of the bands best; it positively burst with wit, great playing from everyone and some of the best songs of the groups long and winding career. Highlight is the title track with its witty lyrics and eastern vibe. The bonus track MTV is also pretty marvelous. In common with the previous albums featuring Steve Morse, there is not much in the way of extended soloing, but what there is is great. Don Airey‘s keyboards are also superb, laying down some wicked Hammond and groovy Moog!

As for Ian Gillan, all I can say is that his voice is in fabulous condition for a man approaching 60. The lyrics are by turns amusing, dry and full of imagery. I was so impressed with this album that I also bought Bananas, the previous one. You know what? It’s just as good! If only all ‘veteran’ bands were producing material of this caliber, the world would be a much brighter place. As it is, buy this album and be seriously impressed.

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