Circulus: Clocks are Like People

  • Artist / Title: Circulus: Clocks are Like People
  • Month Reviewed: September 2006
  • Format: CD
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Well, this album is quite the discovery! To the unprepared, it may even sound a tad bonkers. However, give it a few spins and is charms begin to sink in. Sounding not unlike a cross between the Incredible String Band and early Caravan, with hints of Jethro Tull or even Gentle Giant, this is a great CD packed to the brim with some excellent moog playing and vocals.

Other reviewers have called it prog rock with crumhorns! While it is true they use ancient instruments to conjure up their magic, the fact is that they blend these sounds seamlessly within a rock band context, albeit a late 60s early 70s rock band context! Lyrically, they are decidedly hippie-like, but who cares? The music is simply outstanding and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

If you are looking for a CD that sounds like it was made 30 years ago, with all the period charm that implies – allied to modern production values and coupled with great songs, then this CD is recommended without reservations. Absolutely terrific stuff.

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