After Crying: Show

  • Artist / Title: After Crying: Show
  • Month Reviewed: August 2003
  • Format: CD
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After Crying are a Hungarian band mixing progressive rock with jazz and orchestral themes. In fact, they are the best band I have ever heard at seamlessly combining these elements without sounding clumsy or forced. Show is their brand new album and, gulp, it’s a concept album!

Taking as it’s theme, I think!, US imperialism and post September 11th fallout, the lyrics are sung in English and are really rather good. Musically, the album is an absolute powerhouse. In amongst the original works, you will find the odd classical motif popping up (Ravels Bolero is slipped in quite nicely and quite intensely, too!). The opening cut ‘NWC’ is fabulous. It rocks, it has brass, it power. The 15 minute ‘Secret Service’ is absolutely fantastic.

In a nutshell, get this album. After a few plays, it really sinks in. The fusion of styles really works and there is some outstanding keyboard playing, too.

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