Palindrome – BACK IN STOCK!

Yikes! Can it be true? Yes, this legendary album from 2001 is now back in stock, having sold out a mere nine years ago!

This was our 13th album and is generally regarded as being one of our best releases. Featuring songs and instrumentals, this is a real beauty of a CD. My favourite track at the moment is Between Two Points. Love it! Is it wrong to like your own music?

Anyway, read the discography for the changes between this version and the original. Don’t worry, the changes are subtle and only cosmetic – the music has not been re-mastered or tampered with. It sounded great way back then and it still stands up today. Then have a listen to 40 minutes of each track.

After that, why not pop over to the shop and buy it? It’ll beat paying £50.00 + on eBay for it!

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