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Elegant Simplicity - Studies In Heartbreak

Studies in Heartbreak (2005)

Elegant Simplicity - Studies In Heartbreak

Beautiful music, great guitar and keyboards and a wonderfully epic sound combine to bring you a musical concoction to savour: outrageous time signatures, shifting tempos, country, jazz, progressive rock, funk and goodness knows what else!

A marvellously eclectic album that gets better with every listen.

Release Info

  • Proximity Records | ESCD 17 | Wed 01-06- 2005 | CD / DIGITAL | Buy


  1. From Hello To Goodbye (1.30)
  2. Still Waiting, Still Wanting (5.45)
  3. Studies In Heartbreak (14.11)
  4. The End Of A Life (3.47)
  5. Failures Of The Soul (14.09)
  6. Hourglass Fortune (7.19)
  7. Love’s Futile Fumblings (7.10)

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Samples, Effects
  • Christopher Knight: Drums, Marimba, Vibraphone, Percussion, Handclaps


  • Early versions of the CD came with a limited edition 7″x5″ full clolur print of the artwork


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