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Down Addingford - Watching he Skies

Down Addingford: Watching the Sky (1997)

Down Addingford - Watching he Skies

This album was recorded at Elegant Simplicity’s Propinquity Studios between February and April 1997. All songs were composed, arranged and performed by Andrew Cocker, who also designed the sleeve.

The album features 11 songs and is rather fantastic. For various reasons, the album remains unreleased.

Co-produced and engineered by Steven McCabe

Release Info

  • Proximity Records | DA 1 | 1997 | CD-R | Unreleased


  1. Climate Modelling Technique 1 (1.25)
  2. Breathe Her In (5.06)
  3. Isolated Smiles (5.02)
  4. Another World (6.24)
  5. Chemical Bond (3.21)
  6. Cirrus (3.55)
  7. The Last Dance (5.04)
  8. Mariner 9 (1.45)
  9. Ghost of Love (3.14)
  10. Treasure (4.48)
  11. Climate Modelling Technique 2 (1.02)

Line Up

Andrew Cocker: Lead and Backing Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, All Compositions and Arrangements


  • Recorded at Propinquity Studios, Wakefield, West Yorkshire UK, between Sun 09/02/97 and Sun 13/04/97
  • Produced and Engineered by Andrew Cocker and Steven McCabe
  • Mixed and Mastered by by Andrew Cocker and Steven McCabe on Sun 13/04/97
  • Sleeve design and layout by Andrew Cocker


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