Too Many Goodbyes (2007)

Elegant Simplicity - Too Many Goodbyes

Elegant Simplicity are back with their first vocal album since the critical and commercial success of the legendary Architect of Light (2002) album. Once again featuring Ken Senior on vocals and band regular Christoper Knight on drums, Steven McCabe has fashioned an album of maturity, beauty and depth.

Kicking off with the frenetic instrumental Mood # 10, which is funky and progressive at the same time, the album powers along into the melodious sound of Unconditional. Here, Ken gives a stellar performance on a song about virtual infidelity which powers into a kick ass rock section.

The pace continues with the frantic, tricksy melody of Everytime I Think of You – a song about mourning the death of a loved so much that nothing can compensate for the loss. A beautiful middle section and guitar solo battle for supremacy with the memorable chorus.

Things calm down a little on the quirky, 2nd instrumental And Pure. Sounding like Mike Oldfield beating up Camel by way of Uriah Heep (for the organ driven and guitar rock-fest of the finale), this is a great number and sure to become a firm favourite.

The next track is the emotional ballad Lost Summer where Ken tells the tale of lovers who grow apart, lead separate lives and look back on their past with regret and longing. This is a beautiful song and is up there with the best of the bands ballads.

No Elegant Simplicity CD would be complete without an epic or two. And this album has two! Kiss Away the Pain is a magnificent, brooding track; kicking off with massed mellotrons and acoustic guitars while Ken tells the tale of a bitter feud that can only be resolved through sleep. Featuring a scorching guitar solo from McCabe, this is a brilliant song. And then we come to the last track, Fragments. This is an instrumental in the purest prog-rock tradition. Lots of stuff going on in this track to keep you interested (including a humourous boogie section and a sprinkling of cocktail jazz! A cracking way to finish one of the best albums of the year.

The CD comes complete with an 8 page full colour booklet, full colour picture disc and double sided tray card. Lyrics included, too. The whole package is nothing short of magnificent. FREE 6″x4″ artPhoto with every order.

Release Info

Proximity Records | ESCD 19 | October 2007 | CD | Available


  1. Mood # 10 (05.12)
  2. Unconditional (06.30)
  3. Every Time I Think Of You (05.58)
  4. And Pure (06.09)
  5. Lost Summer (06.54)
  6. Kiss Away The Pain (12.35)
  7. Fragments (12.18)

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe: All Guitars and Keyboards
  • Ken Senior: Vocals
  • Christopher Knight: Drums
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