Nowhere Left to Turn (2006)

Clocking in at 54 minutes and just 4 tracks, this is the best album we have ever made: it’s the most in yer face, guitar crunching, hammond rocking album yet!

Track 1, In Passing (6.34) is a rollicking guitar fest with some ace riffs and pounding hammond. A great opening number that has a slinky middle section before a climactic finish! Not to mention the groovy synth solo and sparkly guitar wig out!!

Daylight Pain (17.21) is the next track and it presses all the right prog buttons throughout its mammoth 17 minutes duration. Starting off with an Animals type rhodes, don’t get too comfy as the guitars come blasting back with some fabulous riffing against a mellotron harmony before the acoustic guitar lends a folk -rock vibe to proceedings. Following that, the guitar riffs away against a lead and synth duel, complete with funky bass guitar! Meanwhile, the drums keep up the pace – Chris really excelled himself on this CD. However, it’s the middle section that really stands out. Peaceful and serene, yet moving along with purpose, the rhodes plays against an acoustic guitar background before the first epic solo takes place. Truly a stand out moment. To finish, a mellotron and acoustic guitar passage leads us quietly into the grand finale with some Holdsworth style legato. Joyous.

After that we have Illuminated Heartbeat (9.19) and this just rocks from start to finish! Kicking off with a heavy pounding riff, the song flows into a melodious and uplifting melodic section before it goes all staccato and effusive. This is sure to become a favourite. As heard on Myspace!

The final track is Nowhere Left To Turn (20.18). This might prove controversial for the rather extended coda which features one of the UKs leading voice over artists reading out quite a depressing monologue! The music is swirling, rhythmic and hypnotic as sounds dart in and out and mess with your head! Before all that, of course, we have 11 minutes of great rock music. Shifting tempos and beats, the song even has room for a brief waltz! After that, the tempo shifts a gear into a folk/jazz/fusion mood with some beautifully crafted melodies and stinging guitars. When that is over with, the mood of uplifting joy changes and we gradually ease into the final 10 minutes or so.

As usual, the CD is presented with a glorious 8 page booklet and full colour picture disc. It looks absolutely stunning and is completed with a reverse tray card thing that sets off the whole package nicely. Once again, the CD comes with a FREE artPhoto to all those that order via our website.

Additional Information

Each copy of this album ordered directly from this website comes with a FREE 6″ x 4″ Collector’s ArtPhoto featuring brand new artwork! This is a quality product, printed professionally on photographic paper. Sure to become a collector’s item in years to come, be sure to buy your copy from us to receive this wonderful item!

Release Info

  • Proximity Records | ESCD 18 | August 2006 | CD | Available


  1. Daylight Pain (06:34)
  2. In Passing (17:22)
  3. Illuminated Heartbeat (09:19)
  4. Nowhere Left To Turn (20:19)

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe: guitars, keyboards
  • Christopher Knight: drums and percussion
  • Stephen Lyons: vocals
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