Architect of Light (2002)

Architect of Light (2014 Remaster)

Based on the adventures of a collective determined to escape a society enslaved for aeons by technology and the Architect of Light, the album follows their progress towards redemption and, finally, freedom.

This 70 minute master-work fuses rock, progressive rock, jazz and folk into a dazzling display of showmanship and skill. Always melodic and challenging, this new release is sure to delight their hard-core following and captivate new fans in equal measure!

The title track is simply mesmerising, with Christopher Knight hitting the drums with a vengeance as the song darts in and out from prog-rock, to be-bop jazz and full on guitar work-out frenzy! Special effects abound on this album to help the story along and features classic vintage instruments recorded using state of the art technology. The CD has a BIG sound and cries out to be played LOUD!

First track, a brief instrumental, sets the scene with a frantic shuffle beat, twin harmony guitars and hard riffing! Then in comes the infuriatingly catchy Stars On The Water, again featuring some superb guitar work and backing vocals from the ‘Ladies’.

Next comes A Crack In The Ice. Kicking off like the offspring of Iron Maiden and Fairport Convention, the song winds along many a musical path until the final climactic guitar solo. The last track Capillary Attraction is kind of like Jethro Tull meets Alan Parsons via Blood Sweat and Tears! And if that doesn’t make you reach for your credit card, we don’t know what will!

Release Info

  • Proximity Records | ESCD 14 20141103-01 | CD | BUY (2014 Remaster)
  • Proximity Records | ESCD 14 20141103-01 | DIGITAL | BUY (2014 Remaster)
  • Proximity Records | ESDD 14 | 2008 | MP3 Album | Deleted
  • Proximity Records | ESCD 14 | 2002 | CD | Deleted


  1. Time To Breathe (6.06)
  2. Stars On The Water (5.42)
  3. A Crack In The Ice (17.58)
  4. Architect Of Light (16.38)
  5. Capillary Attraction (23.35)

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe: guitars, keyboards, flute
  • Ken Senior: vocals
  • Christopher Knight: drums and percussion
  • Joseph Dawson: Electric Violin Solo on A Crack in the Ice
  • Emily Jackson: Contra-Bassoon on Capillary Attraction
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