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Moments of Clarity - 2020 Remaster

Moments of Clarity (1999)

Album number 11 and, without a doubt, the best one yet! Featuring 5 songs and 2 instrumentals, this is sure to please every fan of quality rock music.

You want heavy rocking Hammond thrashing? Do you want lush orchestral ballads and complex epics? You got the lot on this magnificent opus. Featuring guitar as the dominant instrument, this album has too many highlights to mention.

Ken Senior once again handles the vocals, delivering some lyrically difficult material with sensitivity and panache.

Release Info

LabelCat NoRelease DateFormatStatus
Proximity RecordsESDD20190327March 27th 2020DownloadBuy
Proximity RecordsESCD 11May 1999CDSold Out


  1. Moments Of Clarity (3.36) *
  2. A Life Alone (8.15)
  3. A Cradle Of Stars (4.48)
  4. Afraid To Wake (5.52)
  5. Out Of Reach (10.46) *
  6. Love, Loss & Desire (13.06)
  7. Nature And Man (6.23)
  • Instrumental

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe: Guitars, Keyboards, Flute
  • Ken Senior: Vocals
  • Peter Douglas: Drums
  • Gilbert Ross: Bass Guitar

Elegant Simplicity - Moments Of Clarity

This is the original artwork for the CD, way back in 1999

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ELEGANT SIMPLICITY is a Rock Band from the UK. If you like eclectic music that mixes elements of classic progressive rock, underground, folk, fusion, and all points in between, we might just be the band for you!

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