Changing Views (1997)

Changing Views

This cassette only release featured tracks originally destined for the albums ‘The Nature Of Change’ and ‘Reversal Of Time’, but for which there was no room. Came complete with a separate lyric sheet and is now quite the collector’s item.

Given away (exclusively) to those on the Elegant Simplicity mailing list.

Release Info

  • Elegant Music | ESP 3 | 1997 | Cassette | Deleted


Side A

  1. It’s Only Water (5.39) *
  2. Those Three Words Again (5.27) ^
  3. My One Great Love (4.14) ^

Side B

  1. Whenever I Close My Eyes (10.23) * (full version)
  2. Changing Views (5.37) ^

Additional Information

  • ^ Originally recorded for ‘The Nature Of Change’
  • * Originally recorded for ‘Reversal Of Time’

Line Up

Steven McCabe: all instruments and performances except:

  • Ken Senior: Vocals on Side A, Tracks 1, 2, 3 and Side B, Track 2 . Ken also played acoustic guitar on Those Three Words Again
  • Peter Douglas: Drums on It’s Only Water and Whenever I Close My Eyes 
  • Gilbert Ross: Bass Guitar on It’s Only Water and Whenever I Close My Eyes

All songs composed, arranged, produced and engineered by Steven McCabe



  • Recorded between Thursday 10/08/1995 and Sunday 17/11/1996
  • Digitally Mastered Saturday 18/10/1997
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