The Nature of Change (1996)

The Nature of Change

The eighth album and the first to appear on CD!

An album of 2 halves – 6 vocal tracks and one instrumental. Basically, it was an attempt at trying to please everybody – the fans of the instrumental songs and fans of vocal-based songs. The songs are very poppy, in a prog-rock kind of way, and proved very popular.

It was the instrumental title track, however, that really grabbed everyone’s attention: without doubt, it truly stirred the imagination. A genuine classic. Never has 43 minutes passed so quickly!

Release Info

  • Proximity Records | ESCD 08 | 1996 | CD | Available
  • Elegant Music | ESA 8 | 1995 | Cassette | Deleted *


  1. Now Is The Time (3.45) *
  2. Mr. Stone’s Lament (3.24)
  3. Take Me To The River (3.52)
  4. As Real As You Think (7.02)
  5. Tied To Earth (3.39)
  6. 20th Century Breakdown (10.35)
  7. The Nature Of Change (43.12)
  • the original version of this track can be found on the 54th Parallel cassette: MORE THAN I EVER WANTED

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Guitar Synth, Wind Synth, Keyboards, Programming, Flute
  • Ken Senior – Lead and Backing Vocals

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