Several Bits of . . . (1994)

Elegant Simplicity - Several Bits Of

This compilation of Elegant Simplicity tracks was released by the Hometech Music Club – an organisation dedicated to the promotion of unsigned acts.

They published a monthly newsletter and a cassette featuring various artists and the equipment they used to produce their music. They also had a sales section whereby each artist listed the albums they had available and at what cost. In addition, they also had their own label with which they released limited edition cassette albums.

One such album was ‘Several Bits Of……. Elegant Simplicity’. As you may have gathered from the title, it was a compilation album featuring material drawn from IMPROPER ADVANCES, NOCTURNAL IMPLICATIONS, BLINDED BY TIME, INSIDE THE HURTING and CRYING TO THE FUTURE

Release Info

  • Hometech Music Club | H6500007 | 1994 | Cassette | Deleted


Side A

  1. Hearts In Harmony (4.48)
  2. Propinquity (5.18)
  3. Midnight Fire (5.18)
  4. Letting Go (5.50)
  5. Loneliness (4.50)

Side B

  1. Virgo Intacta (6.07)
  2. Learn To Think (5.30)
  3. Inside The Hurting (10.18)

Line Up

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