54th Parallel: More Than You Ever Wanted (1994)

This 6-track cassette release was sold mainly at gigs. Some copies were sent out to disinterested record companies and achieved zero response. So, nothing new there then! Cover designed by the drummer, which just goes to prove the truth in all those drummer gags! Great songs, by the way.

Guitars/Keyboards and Production by Steven McCabe

Release Info

  • Elegant Music | EM FFP 1 | 1994 | Cassette | Deleted


Side A:

  1. More Than I Ever Wanted (Harrington) (3.48)
  2. Now Is The Time (McCabe) (3.52)
  3. Hope Is?! (Harrington) (3.42)

Side B:

  1. Those Three Words Again (McCabe) (5.14)
  2. Say this is Just a Dream (Harrington)
  3. Your Fragile Heart (instr) (McCabe) (4.47)

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe: guitars, keyboards, flute
  • Laurence Harrington: vocals
  • Jonathon Knight: drums and percussion
  • Robert Saunders: bass
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