Give it a Listen, Give it a Chance (1992)

Give it a Listen, Give it a Chance

Yet more dodgy singing featured on this follow up to ESP 1. The songs were uniformly excellent, the delivery wasn’t!

Check out that seriously dodgy cover for a lesson in how not to draw a cassette sleeve! The song ‘Glory Of The Morning’ was a highlight of the Autumn Winds live set and is a bit like a cross between ‘Aqualung’ and Camel’s ‘Never Let Go’!

Release Info

  • Elegant Simplicity | ESP 2 | 1992 | Cassette | Deleted


Side A

  1. The Ones That Lose (3.13)
  2. Lovecrime? (5.00)
  3. At The Hands Of A Stranger (5.52)

Side B

  1. Glory Of The Morning (4.32)
  2. Emotional Getaway (3.35)
  3. Under The Stairs (4.25)

Line Up

Steven McCabe: all vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, compositions and arrangements

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