6 Track Promo Cassette (1991)

6 Track Promo Cassette

This release was the start of Elegant Simplicity proper, with Steven McCabe handling the vocal chores – very badly! The songs on this cassette were recorded with the intention of attracting a recording contract! Ah, the foibles of one’s youth…..

Frighteningly bad cover. Songs may be re-recorded someday.

Release Info

  • Elegant Simplicity | ESP 1 | 1991 | Cassette | Deleted


Side A

  1. Every Once In A While (5.45)
  2. Negative Responses (5.12)
  3. Chasing The Sun (6.05)

Side B

  1. Every Time I Think Of You (6.30)
  2. Moments (5.20)
  3. Out In The Wilds (edit) (5.10)

Line Up

Steven McCabe: all vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, compositions and arrangements

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