Other Voices: Time To Fly EP (1990)

Other Voices - Time To Fly

This was the prototype version of Elegant Simplicity, in that it was a release made up entirely of instrumentals. This was the only material released under the Other Voices name. The songs gained a good response, but were let down by poor presentation and primitive recording quality.

Drum parts were played by hand – no sequencer here! The artwork (if that’s the correct word for it!) was created using pre-cut cassette inlay cards and typed on using an old typewriter. No computer in those days.

One song (Mood #1) was re-recorded and released on the Natural Instinct (1994) album. Even though the cover is exceedingly poor, we’re not ashamed to display it!

Release Info

  • Other Music | OVCASS 1 | 1990 | Cassette | Deleted


Side A

  1. Time To Fly (4.25)
  2. Nameless (4.06)

Side B

  1. Mysterious Circumstances (5.34)
  2. Mood #1 (5.43) *

Additional Information

  • a new version of this track can be found on the album NATURAL INSTINCT

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe – All instruments
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