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Steven Michael: Stranger In Your Shadow (1985)

This was basically Steven Michael McCabe in singer-songwriter mode. The album was recorded using the ‘overdub as many times as can be gotten away with technique’.  And, boy, does it show!

All the songs featured Steven on vocals, various guitars, super cheap keyboards and two-track tape machine. The music was excellent, but the vocals, unfortunately, weren’t!

Hand drawn cover, only 10 copies made. Impossibly rare – let’s hope it stays like that!

Release Info

  • Acaherl Records | ASM SG072 | 1985 | Cassette | Deleted


Side A

  1. Stranger In Your Shadow (11.04)
  2. The One Truth (A Breath Away) (3.47)
  3. Come To My Window (7.56)

Side B

  1. A Thousand Years Of Freedom (3.56)
  2. Don’t Walk Past (4.09)
  3. Enough Is Never Too Much (6.37)
  4. Strange Attachment (5.05)

Line Up

Steven McCabe: 12 Sting Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Bass Pedals, Drum Machine, 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Synthesisers, Vox Continental Organ II, Pipe Organ, Electric Piano, Percussion, Lead Guitars, All Vocals and Effects

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